Finum Paper Filters Extra Slim

High quality, biodegradable paper filters. Extra Slim size.

Easy to fill and easy to use paper filters. Made in Germany made from FSC-certified, biodegradable paper.

Extra Slim Finum® Paper Filters. 100 filters per box.

The finum® disposable tea filters of natural FSC®-certified fibers, come in various sizes – perfect for any cup or large pot. This size XS is for tea glasses or mugs. A convenient “filling flap” prevents the mess while filling in the tea. These tea filters can also be used without a filter holder as the filling flap facilitates the removal of the filter after brewing.

The filter can be sealed in the manner of a “tea bag” by folding the filling flap and closing it with either a 'Finum Tea Clip' or a 'Finum Tea Clip'.

Biodegradable paper
Made in
Quantity per box
100 filters

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