Madagascan Vanilla Black Tea

Ethical, spray-free, organically and ecologically grown high grade black tea flavoured with natural vanilla. 


Organically grown premium black tea from independent, ethical plantations in Sri Lanka flavoured with natural natural vanilla flavour. It makes a delightful infusion with a wonderful, sweet aroma and a rich, smooth vanilla taste. This delicious tea can be served black or with milk, served anytime of the day. Use 1-2 tsp. of tea for each cup, brew in hot water (98-100°C) for 1- 2 minutes if you drink it black, 2-4 minutes if you wish to add milk. Some brown sugar or honey can be added for sweetness.

Ingredients: Black tea (Camellia sinensis), natural vanilla flavour.

Country of Origin
Sri Lanka
Yes, spray-free and organically grown
Type of Tea
Flavoured Black Tea
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