Finum Cup Size Paper Filters with Stick

High quality, biodegradable paper filters. 

Easy to fill and easy to use paper filters with a filter stick for making single cup of tea cups and glasses. Made in Germany made from FSC-certified, biodegradable paper.

Cup Size Paper Filters with Stick, Box with 100 filters and 1 stick included.

Paper filters for Open Style Brewing allows you to pour the hot water directly over the tea leaves. By holding the CUP SIZE FILTER open with the Filter Stick, tea leaves are free to fully unfold within the filter. Open Style brewing is practical and aesthetically appealing. 

  • pleated bottom
  • 1 stylish filter stick
  • biodegradable
  • chlorine-free bleached
  • ideal for cups and tea glasses
  • 100 filters + 1 stick / box
Biodegradable paper
Made in

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